About MrLaserSharkKH


Good Morning people LaserSharkKH here, I am a fan of Anime & Manga amongst other things.  I have been watching people post their views on various different things for quite some time now, but I have now decided to follow suit and start posting some stuff too once again! I have been into Anime and Manga for around about over 5 years at this point.

When it comes to watching Anime, I usually watch a Number of Simulcasts each new Anime Season for the bulk and I have a relatively decent sized DVD and Blu-Ray collection and have various different Video on Demand subscriptions too to fall back on if I have any time on my hands. My Manga Collection both on my Shelves and on my Tablet continues to expand too.

In terms of Blogging, I am still honing my craft, meaning I am still trying figure out different things which I am comfortable with. I may miss the odd spelling mistake and sometimes punctuation maybe a bit ‘iffy but hopefully I can try to make my content understandable for everyone to read and enjoy!


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