KH’s TV Anime Ranking Tiers (Work in Progress)


Welcome to KH’s TV Anime Ranking Tier Lists!  The purpose of the tier system is to separate series based on how I view different types of Anime Series in order to give a clearer recommendation to others if they are looking for something to watch.

Previously, I have given shows a score out of 10 in my head, which I usually come to the conclusion on based on how attached I get to certain aspects of a show and how much I enjoy it. But recently, I have decided to be a bit more accurate with my scoring and have instead come up with a system that involves some maths with averages and percentages, which ends up with a rounded up or down score based on what the final number from these sums are, but at the end of the day, these are just single numbers on a list and they only tell one part of a story. For example, I may give one series an 8/10 compared to another series with 7/10, but that doesn’t mean I prefer the show that’s 8/10 or would recommend it more strongly over the show marked 7/10, it just means the calculations have worked out in favour for the show that’s scored 8/10. Think about it this way, I might have scored that series 8/10 on the basis that series is a ‘very good’ show, but it may be a show that only a smaller audience may be able to follow due to it being a more niche type of anime series, whereas the series ranked 7/10 may appeal to a much more broader audience. That’s just one of the reasons for this tier list, as It helps me to differentiate scores and how I view an Anime Series from how I see them as recommendations for others, and the ranking system within the tiers allows me place shows in an order of simply how much personally higher I recommend a show within that tier, you are free to pick any show from anywhere within a tier though if you do so wish, you don’t have to just go right for the top of the tiers.

Also, all shows placed within a tier are based my own personal opinion, please don’t get upset at me if your favourite series may not have as favorable a ranking as you would have liked. Feel free to make your own tier system which I highly recommend doing actually as it can be quite interesting and fun to compare all the different series you have watched, and you just may help a fellow Anime fan along the way too!

Please note that this page is a work in progress as not only have I got a lot of shows to get through (it could take many years), I have to also fine tune all of the categories to make sure they make sense along with the task of actually deciding which shows go where!


Tier One

-These are Terrific series that I would recommend to most people. Shows in this tier offer elements of exceptionally thought out and well paced storytelling, likeable characters that have strong development, some strong aesthetically pleasing animation/sound and offer an overall enjoyable and consistent experience.

Section A:  Tier KH (My Personal Favourite Series)

[Just wait a little longer…Shows will be listed here soon – Any show in contention here will be listed in Section B for now!]

Section B: Exceptional Series, Not My Favourites, But Exceptional Nonetheless!

1. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Tier Two

-Series here include Good Series that miss the benchmark set by the previous tier or are simply just a slice of fun stuff that’s particularly entertaining, these are Shows that I would particularly recommend if you are a drawn to the kind of content presented. There are shows here also (Section C) that may not be exactly for everyone but are still worth seeking out if you should wish, series listed there may be particularly for niche audiences or they contain content that people may find objectionable or simply they may just be difficult to watch.

Section A – The Good Shows that Kind of Just Miss out on Being Top Tier.

1. Interviews with Monster Girls

2. HaNaYaMaTa

3. KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Both Seasons)

4. Trinity Seven

Section B – Some good old fashioned Fun and/or Entertainment

1. Wakakozake

2. Please tell me! Galko-chan
3. Ghost Stories (ADV English Version)
4. Tesagure! Bukatsumono

5. Gabriel DropOut
6. Wakaba*Girl

7. Gakuen Handsome

8. Nyanko Days

9. Pan de Peace!

Section C – Your Mileage May Vary Section 

1. Teekyu
2. Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere
3. Gdgd Fairies
4. Lovely Muuuuuuuco!


Tier Three

-This tier includes series that are distinctly pretty much 50/50 in their reasons to either watch or not watch. Some of these shows listed could be considered distinctly mediocre whilst others that are here really just split mine and possibly other peoples opinions. The further you go and into the next section you will find series that have a lot more negative aspects to them compared to positive aspects. For those unsure how this section works, The further you go down the list (particularly in Section B), the more Negative it gets meaning the shows at the top might just be the best of a bad bunch, with anything in this section…Your Call!

Section A: The 50/50 Section

1. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls

2. OneRoom

3. Swiss Family Robinson

4. Piacevole
5. Mangirl!

Section B: B is for Bottom of the Barrel!

1. Sparrow’s Hotel
2. Ghost Stories (Original Japanese Version)
3. Military!

4. Rainy Cocoa (Seasons 1 and 2)


-If for any reason a series is not able to be ranked in any of the above tiers (e.g. series no longer available to view legally, no longer own it on home video, Dropped) they will be placed here, not every series will permanently stay here, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever return to a number of these series.
-Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan”
-Chitose Get You!!
-Ai Mai Mii
-Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
-Ace of Diamond
-Hetalia Axis Powers
-Chronicles of the Going Home Club
-Kuroko’s Basketball 2
-Naruto: Shippuden
-One Piece
-Ranma 1/2
-Recorder and Randsell
-Walkure Romanze


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